Saturday, 27 November 2010

Ecuador – the dumb man works, the smart man works off the dumb man.

LOCAL CAR – Datsun
HIGHEST POINT HIKED – 5080m, Chimborazo
MOST BEUATIFUL LANDSCAPE – Cotopaxi South face return from glacier
BEST HIKE – Quilotoa loop
BEST TRAVELLERS – Katie and Tanman, US
WORST TRAVELLERS – Mike and Albert (“where are you from?”... “we´re from the world, man”
BEST MEAL – Tiesto, Cuenca – Steak in sweet mora sauce
BEST BREAKFAST – Colonial house, Quito
TEMPORARY PET – Nina from Llulu Llama
BEST HOSTAL – Llulu Lllama, Isinlivi
BEER – Pilsner
BEST COFFEE – Err. I don´t think so
HIPPIEST MOMENT – Visiting the Magic Tree near Otovalo and participating in Shamanic cleansing ceremony with some... of course... californians. Highlight: Mike trying not to laugh as Shaman spits alcohol and lemon juice in his face through some stinging nettles
WORST HIPPY MOMENT – aforementioned Californians stating the the people here know no stress and that all farming is without chemicals and organic.
WORST ROAD – Latacunga to Isinlivi
BEST ROAD – Panamerican through the avenue of the volcanoes
ICE CREAM – mora flavour off market square in Otavalo
INCITE INTO LOCAL LIFE – Quetchua breakfast in Quilotoa complete with wasted family, being served by children and witnessing ´dad´ being pushed up a wooden step ladder to bed, teetering over the mattress carefully placed below in case of... mishaps
DISSAPOINTMENT – travelling bumpy roads to Ecuador´s Machu Picchu to find, yes, a series of small walls (Incapirca)
SURPRISE – guide to the series of small walls being a 10 year old
GRINGO SPOT ACCIDENTALLY (not a cunning plan from mike) MISSED – Mitad del Mundo
ANNOYANCE – 1) tranquil mountain town of Banos being overrun by kit cars for a rally weekend 2) no drinking on Sundays...
SUNSET – Vilcabamba from Ishkayluma restaurant
NEAR DEATH – Ridgeline hike from Vilcabamba including 50 degree straight down with oncoming storm and tarantula sighting...
NEAR MISS – crossing border to Peru two hours before it closed due to attempt on premier´s life

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