Saturday, 27 November 2010

Bolivia – Cheap as papas, speed of Africa

BEST LOCAL INCITE – Miguel from Copacabana educating us about Morales
ILL FITTING HATS – Biggest collections witnessed so far, accessorised with superb gold dentistry
INEVITABILTY – first and only place thus far that Tash has had something (a potato) thrown at her for taking photos
LOCAL VEHICLE – Dodge buses from decades ago
TELECOMMUNICATIONS – 80´s style landlines on the street connected to an old lady´s candy and crisps stall. Go figure
LIES – claims of technology connectings anywhere including the capital
MOST BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE – Rurrenebaque, best looking South Americans so far
OBLIVIOUSNESS TO – any kind of common courtesy, greeting or apology
BEST TRAVELLERS – Philip and Mia the Jermans from the Jungle. Finest moment: Picture 3 or 4 hours in midday sun in a canoe in 38 degree jungle. Mosquitoes and Caymans circling. Philip calmly asks our guide: “Alec, can we get the secret motor out now? Can we go over there. To the shade.” Legend.
BEST CATCH – (also first ever). Tash proves she´s more of a man by catching her first (cat)fish ever. Mike caught several interesting branches. Mixed feeling ensued on hearing the knife through brain squeals of the fish. Vegetarians who eat fish may wish to reconsider. By the way the branches caught by Mike are just fine now and were re-released into their natural habitat in quicktime.
WHY? – tax for leaving bus stations
BESTEST – Mike´s closest relationship to a boy / monkey. Cacao we love you!
DISSAPOINTMENT – Titicaca and the Islas del Sol
BEST MEAL – Japanese lunch in La Paz
TRANSPORT – 15 seater plane from La Paz to Rurrenebaque. Mike could, and considered, tap the pilot on the shoulder
BEST ICE CREAM – Iced coffee with ice cream opposite Madidi travel in Rurre
WORST ROAD – Challapata to Uyuni night bus
BEST ROAD – La Paz to Coroico, pass at 4750 down to almost sea level in 70km
SUNRISE – 3rd morning Uyuni trip near Chilean border... near Mars we´re told
HIGHEST POINT REACHED – 4920m near geysers in South West Bolivia
ODDEST MARKET PRODUCT – Dried Ostrich foetuses for witchcraft (and tourism)
GRINGO SPOT MISSED – Sucre. Yeah yeah probably another Unesco World Heritage Site. Yawn.
NEAR DEATH – 1) Baby tarantula in flipflop in jungle. 2) Baby scorpian on bed in Sende Verde
BLESSING – Not meeting grown adults. See above

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