Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Columbia Mas o Menus

+Best -Worst

COFFEE +Jesus Martin, Salento -Cafe Lunatico, Cartagena
BEER +Poker on the square, San Gil -Warm Poker in Bocia
MEAL +Filet Mignons at Casa De Felipe, Taganga -Mixed grill, walled city sq., Cartagena
AREPAS +San Gil -Paneria on sq., Popayan
FRUIT +Lulo juice, fresh pineapple on way to Turbo -Lulo ice cream, Popayan
UNEXPECTED COCTAIL +Mojiteria, Salento -Wine, walled city sq., Cartagena
TRANSPORT +Darien Gapster flat water speedboat 30knots -Turbo to Capurgana speedboat
"TRAVELLERS" +Aussies Luke n Laura (San Blas) and Brian and wife (Cartagena) the 50 somethings. Both couples for lack of pretension 
-Frenchman who's "not just on holiday you know" (Cartagena) and Alex the rocker in Pereira
ENGLISHMAN +Pete from Newcastle, Taganga, -Teen with roll-ups, Playa Blanca
TERRIFYING PLACE -Candelaria, Bogota
ACTUAL DANGER -Bus Popayan to Pasto
CLOSE CALLS -Bogota radio station bomb (~week), Pasto volcana (~days), Aires plane crash (~same day, same company, same storm)
ROAD +Popayan to Pasto -Popayan to Tierradentro landslides and breakdowns
BEACH +Isla Iguana, San Blas. Playa Blanca, Cartagena -Taganga beach
ARCHITECTURE +Cartagena -Pereira
SUNSETS +Nalu Nega, Kuna Yala, -Popayan disappointment
SMILE +Enrique and Louis at Ciudad de Segorbe hostal, Salento -Sylvia indigenous women

Colombia, FACT
1) time spent - 6 weeks
2) pot bellies - 22 million exposed (men) , ~10 million hidden (women)
3) unique stuff - Salento wax palms, Tierradentro tombs, Acaime hummingbirds
4) major impact - so green!, clean and hygienic 
5) oddness - rentaphone on street per minute, Renault 4... seriously?, where are all the cats?  

Monday, 9 August 2010