Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Columbia Mas o Menus

+Best -Worst

COFFEE +Jesus Martin, Salento -Cafe Lunatico, Cartagena
BEER +Poker on the square, San Gil -Warm Poker in Bocia
MEAL +Filet Mignons at Casa De Felipe, Taganga -Mixed grill, walled city sq., Cartagena
AREPAS +San Gil -Paneria on sq., Popayan
FRUIT +Lulo juice, fresh pineapple on way to Turbo -Lulo ice cream, Popayan
UNEXPECTED COCTAIL +Mojiteria, Salento -Wine, walled city sq., Cartagena
TRANSPORT +Darien Gapster flat water speedboat 30knots -Turbo to Capurgana speedboat
"TRAVELLERS" +Aussies Luke n Laura (San Blas) and Brian and wife (Cartagena) the 50 somethings. Both couples for lack of pretension 
-Frenchman who's "not just on holiday you know" (Cartagena) and Alex the rocker in Pereira
ENGLISHMAN +Pete from Newcastle, Taganga, -Teen with roll-ups, Playa Blanca
TERRIFYING PLACE -Candelaria, Bogota
ACTUAL DANGER -Bus Popayan to Pasto
CLOSE CALLS -Bogota radio station bomb (~week), Pasto volcana (~days), Aires plane crash (~same day, same company, same storm)
ROAD +Popayan to Pasto -Popayan to Tierradentro landslides and breakdowns
BEACH +Isla Iguana, San Blas. Playa Blanca, Cartagena -Taganga beach
ARCHITECTURE +Cartagena -Pereira
SUNSETS +Nalu Nega, Kuna Yala, -Popayan disappointment
SMILE +Enrique and Louis at Ciudad de Segorbe hostal, Salento -Sylvia indigenous women

Colombia, FACT
1) time spent - 6 weeks
2) pot bellies - 22 million exposed (men) , ~10 million hidden (women)
3) unique stuff - Salento wax palms, Tierradentro tombs, Acaime hummingbirds
4) major impact - so green!, clean and hygienic 
5) oddness - rentaphone on street per minute, Renault 4... seriously?, where are all the cats?  


  1. Hey mike n tash!

    loving the photos and facts I am panning to be hot on your heels in about 6 months so keep the inspiration coming.

    missing you!


  2. Good news Mr M... specifically South America or somewhere else? If you can make it before about Feb then come to Argentina baby...