Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Latin Americn Arrival

Feeling like you're in I am Legend isn't necessarily what you want when you arrive in your first South American city. Nighttime views police arrests, disturbing red lights and shutters down prepared for war...

As expected sunlight, and the opening of the steel cages, movement of the drug addicts and fewer body-armoured men with terrifying muzzled dogs does improve matters!

Splendid day spent walking through the old town in Bogota. Police and army presence is at once calming and unnerving. But not especially threatened by anything. Cable car up above the city afforded splendid views.

Crowd watching tomorrow on public holiday then moving north to stop in an outdoorsy mountain town before heading to the coast.

Photos when we get to an appropriate machine...


  1. You photos are ludicrously good Tashburger....that shit in the forest is simply incredulous - love it...hope you guys are well...I often sit at my souless desk and wonder what the hell you are doing!

    Lots of love from Team Faris xxx

  2. Sorry that was Niall not Bevers....